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PUJI AC03H-95 Potassium Lauroyl Glycinate

It is an amino acid surfactant synthesized by acylation and neutralization of lauric acid and glycine. The product is white or off-white powder, no special smell, mainly being used for facial care products such as facial cleanser.

Product information

Trade Name: PUJI AC03H-95
INCI Name: Potassium Lauroyl Glycinate
CAS NO.: --
EC NO.: --

Product Details

Refreshing and foamability are the common points of glycine series products. Compared with sodium salt, potassium salt is better in solubility, which is very suitable for preparing liquid washing products without precipitation.

It will produces exquisite and smooth foam with good properties of spreading.

Glycine based surfactants also has characteristics of easy stability, low cost and manufacturing convenience in the production and application.

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