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PUJI AG01-95 Lauroyl Glutamic Acid

PUJI AG01-95 is an amino acid anionic surfactant in white or off-white powder and particles with no particular smell.It’s made of Lauroyl Chloride and Mono-sodium Glutamate which is fermented from corn through chemical reaction.This product is mainly used as an intermediate or raw material to make personal care products such as facial cleansing soaps.

Product information

Trade Name: PUJI AG01-95
INCI Name: Lauroyl Glutamic Acid
CAS NO.: 3397-65-7
EC NO.: 222-261-1

Product Details

Plant-origin, natural and mild;

It will produce exquisite foam and feels soft and comfortable after washing;

It is compatible with soap based products to reduce their irritation.

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